What Others Say About Betty

“Rarely does a speaker so captivate me that I forget to take notes. You have that spell-binding capability! The light of the Lord shines so brightly from you that there is no doubt that you are in His will. What a blessing and inspiration you were. I wish every women in America chould hear you!”
– Joy, Austin, TX

“Thank you for opening your heart to me and the other participants at the U.C. CLASS event. You are a marvelous Bible Teacher. You have the gift of making others fell very at ease with you.”
– Brenda, N. C.

“You are a fluent, interesting and lively speaker. Thank you for enlightening me, your stories were so compelling…makes one examine all they are not doing in the course of a day. Having never heard you speak before, I must tell you I was most impressed.”
– Lori, Scottsdale, AZ

“I love The Mentor Quest book and highly recommend it to everyone…even secular because mentoring is reaching out everywhere. I think it also stretches us to be mentors because we really have to be mindful of our own walk. Your book truly touches on everything and I believe that women wanting mentors should definitely read this book…it will give them some direction. You did an excellent job, and I want to send this book to several people I know.┬áRead Betty Southard’s book, The Mentor Quest ! We all should be mentors and be mentored at the same time…no matter how young or old. This book is very thought provoking.”
– Susan Wales

“Great! Wonderful! Loved the depth of her teaching and practical application. God used you in an incredible way.”
– Candy Davison, Sandy Cove Women’s Ministry

“You have always been a gifted communicator, but this time you outdid yourself! God was singing His truth through you.”
– Dr. Bruce Larson – Pastor

“You are a dynamic, gifted woman of influence and I deeply appreciate you. Keep up the good work you are doing.”
– Carol Kent – Author, Speaker

“Betty is not only a wonderful a gifted speaker, but she is a true “servant” of the Lord. She gives of herself, talents and time over and above the calling. She is constantly searching and growing in the Lord personally. I am sure anyone would be blessed by hearing Betty speak. I would highly recommend her as a Woman’s Event Speaker.”
– Carol Smoke – Author, Speaker

“The women at MOPs love Betty Southard. Every year she speaks at MOPS the women enjoy her humor, soak up her wisdom and are touched by her honest and motivating words.”
– Kristi Gaultiere – Speaker Coordinator, Mariners Church Mops

“Through the years I have heard her speak on a number of occasions and have also observed her as the Mistress of Ceremonies at the International Women’s Conference at the Crystal Cathedral. She speaks with a clarity and genuiness not often found. She radiates a love of the Lord and love for others that is felt in her interactions. She has a warm and caring essence that lets you feel like you have been friends forever and she understands your heart. She has a frank and open candor which is easy to relate to as she brings the spiritual to everyday life. She articulates spirituality in a way that puts in the reach of all. She is practical and real and she walks what she talks. Betty would be an asset to any event, she is a speaker who is organized and dependable,a speaker who does not disappoint.”
– Jeanne Larson, Lodi, CA

“She is truly someone who lives close to the heart of God and reaches out from her own experience with Him to offer inspiration,wisdom, teaching, and challenge — all without judgment or guilt! Having heard her speak to women in a variety of settings on a broad scope of topics, I can honestly say that any group that invites Betty to speak can expect a covering of prayer and a message that will change lives. Feel free to offer my number to anyone wishing to know more.”
– Armene Humber