Speaking Topics

These three hallmark messages will empower your men and women to make positive CHOICES in the midst of life’s CHANGES and CHALLENGES


Are you held hostage by your circumstances, unable to move out of depression and into freedom and wholeness? Wait! Think again! You may not be able to rearrange your situation or change that difficult person in your life, but there is something you CAN do! You have a choice. Your mission is to find it, then make it! Let Betty help you take a closer look at that circumstance. You’ll find God at its center, offering some unique choices that will bring you the freedom and peace you almost gave up!


There are transition places somewhere between life’s “endings” and “new beginnings” that can be as unsettling as a twilight zone. We all experience them. We all face them differently. But how do we best get through them? Betty shows you the progressive pattern of every transition and encourages you with the truth that your transition is not the end – but a bend – in the road. This session will help you understand the three stages of change, equip you for your present transition, and prepare you for the next one. A universally relevant topic for today’s woman or man!


We face challenges every day and either run from them or accept them. Betty focuses on the grace and courage that God gives us to accept our challenges, as well as the empowerment to meet them and mature through them. Collaborate with Betty to tailor this topic to meet your group’s specific need. Use this session as a powerful wrap-up and motivational send-off for any retreat or closing keynote.

Choose any of the three above or from Betty’s delightful topics below. Group them progressively for retreats or use them separately for any single event.

The Mentor Quest

Have you ever wished you could have your own mentor – someone who was older and wiser, someone who would be willing to help you learn and grow? Betty Southard helps you discover that your best mentors are available, all around you, you only need to develop “mentoring eyes.” This talk will help you identify the resources that are available through parents, friends, co-workers, neighbors and professionals, as well as the mentoring potential in sermons, conferences, radio and TV ministries and books. Through a series of questions you will discover what you really want in life and how to find the guidance and direction to reach your goals. You will receive both the inspiration, encouragement and the tools you need to become all that God has designed you to be. Stop hoping in vain for that one special, all-wise person to step forward as your mentor. Look at the wealth of resources around you. Start your own Mentor Quest today!

Walk with Me…..on the Path to Spiritual Maturity

A spiritual woman has relationship with God that is so tangible you can almost feel it. Her impact extends well beyond her own life to touch the lives of many. How do we develop that sort of tangible spirituality? Betty tells the stories of the women whose spirituality impacted her life as she defines the steps for developing a spiritual growth pattern. She presents an exciting challenge to develop a life mission statement, and practical help for disciplining ourselves for maturity. This message is sure to spark any woman to deepen her relationship with God, and challenge her to stretch to new heights.

Come As You Are

How often have you resolved to rise at the crack of dawn to spend time with God, then suffered guilt because you couldn’t stay awake past “Dear Lord?” Why doesn’t your spirituality look like everyone else’s? It’s simple! God made each of us with a specific personality that plays a powerful role in defining and building our relationship with Him. He loves our uniqueness and wants us to approach Him in our own distinct style. Betty shares from Her newest book this powerful message to help you understand how you can grow closer to God just the way you are. You will not only be freed from guilt, you will learn to accept the different spiritual styles of others. Give your women, couples, or leaders a gift of renewed spiritual vitality with this liberating message!

Hold On To Your Fork!

Are you searching for your purpose in life, wondering why you exist? Well, hold on to your fork! You’re not finished yet! God has plans for you that just might surprise you. It’s time for us to become the on-purpose women God meant us to be. Women willing to make an impact in everyday moments. Women who dream dreams, then set goals to meet them. No matter what your age, occupation or stage in life, this message will challenge and empower you to move forward with God’s plan. Let Betty help you discover the secret of the fork and inspire you to find your next step!

It’s Never Too Late!

Every relationship is strained by life’s misunderstandings and circumstances. But sometimes that relational elastic seems stretched beyond repair and we feel it’s far too late for things to change. Betty brings God’s assurance in this powerful message – it is never too late! Using humor and practical illustrations, Betty will challenge you with new perspective, give you fresh determination, and renew your faith that God can restore relationships. For a delightful mother-daughter event, Betty can be joined by her daughters.

Grandma Calls Me “Precious!”

Retire that rocker – Grandma’s at the gym! Though today’s millennial grandma relates with kids over colas or cappuccino, she has the same mission as her own grandma did – to make a positive impact on her grandchildren’s lives and invest them with unconditional love and acceptance. If you’re a grandparent, intimidated by your high-tech grandchild, sidelined by schedule challenges, or caught in sticky family politics, you’ll be inspired with practical ideas for accomplishing your mission. If you’re a parent, overwhelmed by the task of equipping your child with strong values and faith, you’ll find hope in the reminder that your most powerful resource on earth – is just a grandma away!

Productive Partnerships

Is your marriage a productive partnership or troubled twosome? There is no single success formula for all marriages, but there are principles we can all use to build positive relationship. Combining her counseling background with her own experience, Betty shares ten principles for making marriage work. A great message of practical truth for “long-term” or “brand-new” partnerships! For a delightful couple’s event, Betty can be joined by her husband, Fred, who has his own insights for holding steady in a family of three daughters and seven grandchildren!

Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

Sudden bills outstrip our income. Don’t worry. Our children make destructive choices. Don’t worry. We receive dreaded news. Don’t worry. But how can we stop worrying when life is running wild and we can’t contain it? Betty brings us back to the basics of bedrock trust in this powerful scriptural reminder of God’s principles for coping with crisis. Let go of worry and live in God’s peace as you learn Betty’s practical steps for coping with life’s stress.

Everything We Need

They are a powerful pair that infect and paralyze us all. You know them…the “if only-thens!” They trap us in wishful immobility by nagging us with the one thing we think we need to live in life’s fullness. But, good news! God has already given us all we need to live there! Using scripture, illustrations, and visuals, Betty shows us what we have been given to meet every need and face any challenge. An empowering message of solid hope in what God has promised and a strong challenge to use what He has given!

Driven – Or Directed?

Look at that calendar! Meetings…Deadlines…Appointments… So much to do. No time to breathe. CONGRATULATIONS – you have become a human doing! You are the answer to everyone’s prayer, running to the call of each clamoring voice. But what does God want for you? Betty weaves Biblical principles into this powerful message to create a meaningful change of focus. As she shares her four steps for living a God-directed life, you will learn how to hear God’s voice in quiet moments, and discern the difference between “doing” and “being,” and respond to His direction. Take a deep life-changing breath and go home filled with His Spirit of peace and a new resolve to trade in your driven life for a God-directed one!

Hassle-Free Holidays!

Betty successfully adapts this same topic for holiday events, giving practical advice on staying focused without getting frayed!

Gifted – And Wrapped – By God

God gives each one of us unique gifts for His purposes, but did you know that He also chooses the wrapping? Let Betty help you take a closer look at both your gift and the personality God wrapped around it. Learn why you think and act so differently from others, and discover that both your gifts and your personality are priceless to God! Betty brings her own unique expertise as a certified personality trainer to this topic, and can be joined by her husband, Fred, for a dynamic challenge to couples needing new perspective for their marriages.

Friendship is a Choice

Friendships don’t “just happen,” they are cultivated! Betty talks about what it takes to make a friend and be a friend. A true relationship builder – perfect for any women’s event!

Call or write Betty to get a preview tape from a live presentation, and book your event in advance to be sure that the dates you desire are available in Betty’s schedule. If you have a special topic you want a speaker to cover, tell Betty those specific needs and put her years of teaching experience to work as she tailors a message just right for your group.