The Mentor Quest

Practical Ways to Find the Guidance You Need
by Betty Southard

Book Description

The Mentor QuestHave you ever wished you could have your own mentor, someone who was older and wiser, who would be willing to help you learn and grow? Christians seem to talk about finding a mentor-or being one-as if it’s as easy as driving down to a neighborhood mentoring center and signing up for your very own personal life guide. Where are all these mentors? Betty Southard believes that our best mentors are all around us, and that we only need to develop “mentoring eyes” to identify the resources we already have. Look around-every one of us has parents, friends, co-workers, and neighbors who can mentor us in some special way. Stop hoping in vain for that one special, all-wise person to step forward as your mentor. Look at the wealth of resources around you. Start your own Mentor Quest today!

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Paperback – 190 pages (March 2002)
Vine Books, ISBN: 1569553092