Come As You Are

How Your Personality Shapes Your Relationship With God
by Betty Southard, Marita Littauer


Who says that one size fits all when it comes to your relationship with God? Are you one of the thousands of believers who feel trapped by guilt when the standard approach to quiet times and Bible study doesn’t seem to work? Using the foundation of the well-known teaching on the Personalities, author Southard and Littauer will help you understand that God makes each person with a specific personality that plays a powerful role in building a relationship with Him and that what is effective in your approach to God is as diverse as the personalities of other seekers. You will not only gain a greater understanding of how you personally can grow closer to God, but also how you can accept the different spiritual styles of others. Drawing from the experiences of others who share your basic personality type, you can feel the freedom to allow yourself to be who God made you to be rather than trying to force yourself into someone else’s program. Turn Your Pursuit of God Into a Joy!

Price: $14.00 (Includes shipping when ordered from Betty directly)
Paperback – 256 pages (February 1999)
Bethany House; ISBN: 1556610173