Grandma Calls Me Precious

by Betty Southard

Live Audio Presentation

Grandma Calls Me PreciousRetire that rocker–Grandma’s at the gym! Though today’s millennial grandma relates with kids over colas or cappuccino, she has the same mission as her own grandma did – to make a positive impact on her grandchildren’s lives and invest them with unconditional love and acceptance. If you’re a grandparent, intimidated by your high-tech grandchild, sidelined by schedule challenges, or caught in sticky family politics, you’ll be inspired with practical ideas for accomplishing your mission. If you’re a parent, overwhelmed by the task of equipping your child with strong values and faith, you’ll find hope in the reminder that your most powerful resource on earth is just a grandma away!

Price: $7.00 (Includes shipping when ordered from Betty directly)