Choices – Coping With Change

by Betty Southard

Live Audio Presentation

Choices – Coping With ChangeAre you held hostage by your circumstance, unable to move out of depression and into freedom and wholeness? You may not be able to rearrange your situation or change the difficult person in your life, but there is something you CAN do ! You have a choice. Your mission is to find it, then make it! There are transition places, somewhere between life’s “endings” and “new beginnings” that can be as unsettling as a twilight zone. We all experience them. We all face them differently. But how do we best get through them? Betty shows you the progressive pattern of every transition and encourages you with the truth that your transition is not the end but a bend in the road. This session will help you understand the three stages of change. A universally relevant topic for today’s woman or man.

Price: $7.00 (Includes shipping when ordered from Betty directly)